25 Inevitable Moments that happen when you live in SF

1. You will leave the house and it’ll be beautiful outside. After a few minutes, you’ll be freezing your ass off and asking yourself why you didn’t grab that sweater by the door.

2. You will work at Google, a tech company, or start up.

3. You’ll date someone that works at Google, a tech company, or start up (may or may not happen simultaneous with #2)

4. You will underestimate the bottomless mimosas at brunch.

5. There’s nothing wrong with them, but you will realize you’re not really friends with your friends that live in South Bay anymore.

6. It took 45 minutes to get from Point A to Point B… Point A and Point B are 2.3 miles apart.

7. Anything further than 2.5, heck 2 miles, is just too damn far.

8. You legally, illegally, safely, or dangerously access rooftops.

9. You pay too much for rent. Too. Much.

10. Coffee, wine, and/or whiskey will suddenly have more meaning in your life if they didn’t already.

11. You’ll try yoga at least once.

12. It doesn’t matter what great exercise it is or how great it makes your butt look – you will hate the hills. So. Much.

13. The number 415.333.3333 will fail you in some way. It just will.

14. Your reliance on Uber, Lyft, or some other kind of transportation mobile app will become borderline codependent.

15. You’ll choose to go to a dive bar over a club.

16. A homeless man will aggressively yell at you.

17. Someone will try to sell you pot, an edible, or a prostitute.

18. You will see a naked man. He might be gay. He’ll most likely be old.

19. You will curse the fog and consider moving to LA.

20. You’ll think the fog is absolutely beautiful.

21. You find the grass in Dolores Park extremely comfortable.

22. You accidently (or purposely) will say “hella.”

23. Cougar spotting in the Marina will become a pastime. Then it’ll go from fun to old.. just like the cougars themselves.

24. You’ll be accused of being a hipster.

25. You’ll start recycling and wonder if the plastic cup you’re holding is recyclable or compostable. When you figure out it’s only recyclable you’ll ask yourself why they didn’t make it compostable.

This is possibly the most “San Francisco” post I’ve ever written, but really I just wanted to post all my favorite SF photos. Inspiration from Kelsey Foltz’s 16 Inevitable Moments that Happen When you Spend Your 20s in NYC. 

Feature Image Photo Cred: Babson Edu


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  1. LOVE!!!

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