I’m building a Windmill in Kenya

I'm building a windmill in Kenya, will you help me?
I’m building a windmill in Kenya, will you help me?

Okay you got me. Maybe I’m not exactly, with my own two hands, going to build a windmill in Kenya (although I definitely would if given the chance, as I’ve helped build houses in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina). Also, I’m not going to build this windmill alone. Actually, I’m part of a very special group of thirty individuals around the world who believe in living a life with intention and changing the world for the better. As individuals, we’re all go-getters, doers, nomads, misfits, and the craziest of all things you can be, we’re all dreamers. As a group, we’re called the Good Misfits.

The Good Misfits and I are collectively raising $15,000 to build a windmill in a small village in Western Kenya called Gambella.  Individually, we will use our scrappiness, leverage our networks, cook private dinners, host all sorts of soirees, bike across Canada, and do other remarkable things. But together, we join our innovation, compassion, and belief to drive impact through this one scalable project.

Gambella is part of the Global Hope Network International‘s Village Transformation (TCD) program, and after graduating from this program in August they will no longer need any international aid. It’s amazing to think that this once indigent village had no clean water, no sanitation, and little education. This August, Gambella will be completely self-sustainable, but they need a windmill to complete their five-year journey. The windmill will irrigate crops all year round, significantly improve  local commerce, and create a brighter future for the children of Gambella. So… will you help me build a windmill in Kenya?


Every dollar counts, so feel free to donate $1, $2, or $5. Click on the donate button which will take you to the organization’s paypal page for my part of the fundraiser or just click here. And no matter what amount you donate, you can opt in to receive a weekly email status update of the building of the windmill. If you’d like to receive these email updates please submit your email here. However, for those of you want to go above and beyond… I have a few perks for you 🙂

Perks for building a windmill
If you’d like to redeem your perk: After donating, forward me your PayPal confirmation page, and then we can discuss shipping addresses or times of exchanges, etc.

I’m almost at my fundraising goal! BUT if not everyone in my group contributes their part, then the windmill will not be built. Lastly, all donations past our $15,000 goal will be used for the village. Thanks for your time. If you’d like to read more about the windmill, feel free to go to the Good Misfit’s website or simply comment below.

Stay hungry,



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