The Pursuit of Everything

In the very beginning, or at least around October 2012 when I had decided to begin blogging about the food and culture from my travels, I encountered one of the greatest challenges every blogger inevitably must face: What should I title my blog?

After long brainstorm sessions, numerous conversations with family members and friends, and lots of research, I had a good and solid list of potential blog titles. Of those included:

“Little Girl, Big Mouth” (although I thought that this could be misconstrued)
“The World on My Plate” (this WordPress site already exists)
“Chopsticks and Sandals” (too geographically limiting)
“Delicious Diaries” (Too 3rd grade)
“Scrumptious Stories” (Too 4th grade)
“Treks and Treats” (Too 5th grade)
“The Pursuit of Tastiness” (Already exists)
“The Pursuit of Deliciousness” (Deliciousness sounds too strange)

Although my blog would have a focus on food, I also wanted to capture more in my travels. I wanted to capture the stories of a culture, the heart of the people, and the beauty of living life to its fullest. I wanted my blog title to capture this, so I wanted to title it “The Pursuit of Everything.”

But after a very quick Google search (it’s interesting how quickly Google can make you happy or sad), I found that “The Pursuit of Everything” was already taken. Curious, I clicked on the site and I was led to an inspirational blog and a delusional man, AJ Leon, who calls himself a misfit.

Similar to me he’s nomading around the world, blogging about his travels, and has great hair that is occasionally tied back when it’s time to get serious. But more importantly, AJ and I believe in living with intention and contributing something positive to this world before it’s our time to kick the bucket. Obviously, this is not a post about food or culture, but I wanted to pass this story on to you because I think you have a lot in common with me and AJ. I also feel like AJ’s story will help you accomplish your dreams, whatever they may be, and I did just write a post on dreams. It’s an understatement to say that AJ’s journey and writing is inspiring, but I don’t know how else to quite say it. So here’s a word from AJ:

My name is AJ. I used to be an unremarkably average financial executive in Manhattan. I made six figures, had an outrageous bonus and a corner office…. On December 31, 2007, I left my six figure, crazy bonus, Manhattan corner office job. Not for a raise. Not in a vertical move to another company. Not to get a change of scene. But to stop, once and for all, living some other dude’s life. That day I realized two things. There was more to life than working a job you hate, and more importantly, there was more to me than could ever be expressed in a place with so many rules. If you read this paragraph and have no idea what I’m talking about, you should probably not bother going further, but for the rest of you, this book is an ode to the misfits.

You see, I believe that you, like me, were not meant to live a life of convention and conformity. I believe that you were put here, at this very moment, to change the world in a fashion that only you can. These essays were written while on my own path to doing just that. And I hope beyond hope that they will in some small way help you to find yours.

While AJ is traveling/blogging the world in 1080 days, running his company Misfit, Inc., getting kids in Tanzania on Twitter, helping villages in Kenya, raising money for schools in South Sudan, he is also launching his first book, “The Life and Times of a Remarkable Misfit,” but he does need some help. If you think you’re a misfit, are curious about his guy, or you are still reading, CLICK HERE.

I’m sad that I couldn’t own because AJ beat me to it, but I’m happy that in the search for the perfect blog title I found a fellow misfit, dreamer, and friend. I hope you’ll enjoy AJ’s story or pass it on. After all, the only people who’ve actually succeeded in changing the world were all misfits.

I also like to think they were simultaneous foodies.

As always, stay hungry,



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  1. Awesome! definitely agree with you (and AJ). have you ever read the book Linchpin by Seth Godin? He was once a corporate MBA guy, but he realized that we are all here to contribute in our own remarkable way. i was actually reluctantly about to head off to business school myself before realizing that that my passion and gifts intersected as a musician and public speaker—i actually just started a video blog on this where i discuss my observations in the music industry and do some live playing. life is short, but it is to long to cave to the corporate game and try to fit into other’s expectations. traveling and food are awesome—can see why you started this blog. i spent a year traveling around central america after graduating college. what an education! anyway, kudos to you, and i love your blog title!

    • Hey there!

      Thanks for stopping by and the tip about Seth Godin. I’ll definitely check it out. Also, that’s awesome that you’ve found something that you love and you’ve been able to incorporate that into your life and career. I’m probably going to go to business school after a couple years at Google, but I’m really hoping to keep this blog and continue it when I’m in California! But who knows what’ll happen couple years from now! Maybe I’ll become a full-time food and travel writer 🙂 but that’s the beauty in the future, we don’t know! Good luck to you as well!


    • Also, what’s your opinion on vlogs? Do you think I should include some videos of me eating/traveling? It’s really my first at all of this

      • sorry if i sent this twice (something weird happened with my text box the first time). i’d love to have you on board with my vlog and i would encourage you to experiment with videos! i’m new to this whole thing myself, but i notice that people have shorter attention spans than ever. this means that they are unlikely to read even the best written blogs because they find text to be “boring.” Video engages people quickly because of all the different dynamics. i’ve found that its also really fun to be able to share your personality with people through recordings. i was really reluctant to start my vlog, but had a ton of fun with it and it is helping me get my ideas/music out there. so i would recommend it—i’d watch your videos!

  2. Awesome blog post Louella! I work for Misfit and I laughed out loud at the ‘AJ has great hair which he occasionally ties back when it’s time to get serious” – it is so hilariously true. I will be sharing this out on all the Misfit channels but I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for your support and for writing about us, AJ and our project and for doing it all with such warmth and wit. I am so glad that you and AJ have great minds that think alike and that it led you to our story. 🙂

    • I’m glad that you guys liked it! This is my first time writing and blogging so I’m glad that everyone at Misfits approves. Congratulations on the launch of the project and Kickstarter! Also, I’ll definitely check out Melissa’s blog… I know I’m already a fan. I wish you guys the best.. Hopefully our travels will cross someday

  3. P.S Every single one of the Misfits is a massive foodie, Melissa is actually a food blogger over at Tasty Misfit. So I think you’re right on that count too. 🙂

  4. Great journey to name this blog. I love this name immensely. Funny, the thing that was the toughest for me, as well, was naming my blog. Took forever. And ever… Good luck on your journey to CA!

    • Thanks for the understanding and compliment Casey! I’m glad to know I wasn’t alone when I was stressing about the blog title. Anyways, I see that you like coffee a lot like me! I don’t know if you’ve had it already, but I definitely recommend Vietnamese drip coffee! So great. Also, interesting tidbit, you can learn about the French influence in Vietnam in that same cup!

      • Now you are hitting on things that really interest me. The intersection of languages, cultures, ideas…that has always fascinated me. I’ll research the Vietnamese coffee. Anything like Japanese drip?

        This week’s been all about banchan. Been craving craving Korean.

        Naming the blog wasn’t easy, not because I couldn’t come up with the title as a writer, but because it’s sort of had to define me. Defining oneself into or three words… That, is the hardest mission of all.

  5. Hey Louella!! Thank you for this charming article, and thank you for the shout. I shared it on Facebook already. You are a fabulous writer. 🙂

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